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Basquiat Mini-Notebook with Skull Artwork

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This mini-notebook features a vibrant full-color hardcover design showcasing Jean-Michel's bold, graffiti-style painting, Mitchell Crew, which he created in 1983.  Conveniently pocket-sized, it boasts unique black edge details and contains paper subtly marked with a dot-grid, ideal for jotting notes, creating lists, and sketching.

Product details:

  • 120 pages
  • 3.53 ounces

About the artwork:

The 1983 piece Mitchell Crew, was rendered in acrylic, oil stick, and paper collage on canvas, mounted via wood supports. This engaging artwork showcases an array of ten distinct heads, spread out on a canvas that's almost 12 feet long. Every head represents a different character, creating a compelling visual landscape for the viewer to explore.

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