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Jennifer Goode Reflects On Jean-Michel Basquiat

Speaking with Interview Magazine in 2017, Jennifer Goode reflects on her relationship with Jean-Michel:

“He didn’t really have a public persona or act very differently. He was shy when going outside, but he also could be really caustic and sarcastic if he thought that people weren’t respecting him or if he thought people were racist. It’s hard for me to describe what he was like. It also depended on who he was with. If he was with collectors or dealers he was a lot more cautious about what he said, more introverted. But we didn’t go out a lot. It seemed to me what he enjoyed the most was working. And he worked every day, all night.”

Learn more about Jean-Michel's work and worldview from the people who knew him best in the Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure© Exhibition catalog.

Photo: Michael Halsband, Paris, 1985 @michaelhalsband

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